Black Katana,Hand Forged Real Hamon Japanese Katana Full Tang Clay Tempered

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Overall Length:40.5"  
Blade Length: 27.7" 
Handle Length: 10.5"
Steel: High Carbon steel
Blade: Clay tempered
Hamon: Real hamon, Clay tempered on;
Edge: Sharp, hand sharpened by Japanese whetstone
Hi(Blood groove): long Hi on each side;if you do not want groove,tell us for free change
Tsuka(Handle): Genuine Rayskin wrapped with Japanese cotton Ito with Menuki (ornament);
Saya: Black lacquered wood
Tsuba: high quality engrving iron tsuba;
Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled;

Katana Cutting Video

Frequently Asked Questions

We can ship to United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia with no customs issues. Hand forged swords are perfectly fine to possess in these countries. We’ve shipped to each hundreds of times before.

The katanas are handmade by traditional methods, they have come full tang blade and functional edge for cutting practice.

Shipping usually takes around 12-18 days to most countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. In some cases bad weather and also the pre-Christmas rush can delay shipping around 1-2 weeks. We’ll provide a tracking number when your sword ships that you’ll be able to track.

The blade attains its sharp edge during the polishing process, with the final stages of fine stone polishing. Our swords are made with a traditional niku edge by default, meaning the cutting edge side of the blade is convex, slightly rounded for maximum durability. Traditionally, Japanese swords are made with niku so the samurai’s blade could retain it’s cutting edge even after cutting through his enemy’s bones and clashing against iron armor.

For the convenience of most customers that all prices are based on USD, However, it will exchange automatically when your payment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Peter Mickelsen
Katana and Tanto

Both exceeded my expectations.
Thank you!

Tristan Kramer

Blade is beautifully made, one issue was the tip was slightly damaged, but i think it is 99% fine, the blade is fairly sharp, could be sharper. But otherwise great blade!


My first katana. I was a little nervous about this buy and the overseas shipping. Received this today with no issues. This is a beautiful and functional tool. I already have my next purchase picked out. OSS.

Max Schmitz
Katana swort

It ist awesome and very very cool

Sato Sword

Great quality, product as described, great communication